Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Shout Out to Pegasus

For those who call the Metroplex home (Dallas/Fort Worth don't you know), you may be familiar with the "online newspaper" called Pegasus News (

In their "About" statement they describe themselves as:

"Pegasus News is a local news and information service dedicated to bringing you everything -- and we mean everything -- you could possibly want to know about the things that most interest you about the place where you live. We start with the idea that what happens in your neighborhood -- to your family and in your niche areas of interest -- is more important to you than things happening on the other side of town, and certainly far more important than what's happening elsewhere. For that reason, we customize content and advertising for each individual user, in a mechanism we call The Daily You™."

I have to give founder and president Mike Orren props for calling attention to this little endeavor in his blog, "Square Pegs" under the heading, "The StarText Story":

Truth be told, Pegasus News and StarText share a lot in common. Both were (are) local, grass roots efforts to connect readers in an intensely personal way. I am reminded of my favorite marketing tagline once used by the online edition of The Wall Street Journal: "The first newspaper for a circulation of one."

In its own way, Pegasus is keeping the StarText flame burning.