Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Grad Student Looks at StarText

StarText recently caught the attention of Robb Crocker, currently studying communications in a graduate program at Rutgers University. Robb has a blog, The Past, Present and Future of Newspaper Websites, where he posts interviews and viewpoints.

StarText was the topic for his most recent blog, linked here.

Robb challenged me with questions about both StarText and the current state of online media, including should newspapers start charging for their websites and what will the future bring. Nothing very weighty or important, thank goodness. Just issues some seriously smart people have been trying to figure out for a very long time.

It's always fun to speculate on what might be ahead, mostly because no one really knows (except maybe Paul Saffo, a futurist who when he talks, I always listen.)

At any rate, thanks Robb for your interest in StarText and good luck with your studies. Hopefully you'll be the one who comes up with the answers.