Friday, May 31, 2013

Brisbee Welcomes Haley and Heather

Haley and Heather -- or is it Heather and Haley?
I have to give special props to David Duke, the longest-term StarTexan and resident BBQ expert in Brisbee, for keeping the StarText tradition alive. Duke is proud of his grand-daughters -- twins Haley and Heather, 16, who "come by my place once per week and tidy up for me." Duke notes "this photograph was taken with a somewhat new Nikon D3100 camera with a remote shutter control." You can count on David having the latest and greatest gadgets. By the way, I like that hat on your lampshade! Thanks for checking in, Duke. Tell Haley and Heather they are now official residents of Brisbee. -- Gerry