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EJ: "Mr. StarText"

07/27/84 10:38



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To many of you, Ed Jackson is "Mr. STARTEXT." Somehow, he finds time to write

three columns every week, Computer Corner (COMPCORNER) each Monday and an

opinion piece (JACKSON) twice weekly on Monday and Thursday, not to mention the

letters he processes from subscribers.

The STARNOVEL was his idea, as was the STARVOTE feature. In fact, Mr. Jackson

is continually offering new ideas and suggestions for making the service better.

And without further ado, meet Ed Jackson:


1. What kind of computer equipment do you own?

I have two Apples, with three disk drives, a Commodore with 1 disk drive,

a Vic-20 with cassette storage, four printers, and more darned fool stuff than

anybody has any use for, such as 2 music systems, a speech synthesizer, an

expansion interface, modem, micro-buffer, a Koala pad, and assorted joysticks,

light pens, and junk, not to mention 3 monitors, two color T.V. sets, and a

hi-fi, just for the computers.

2. What do you use it for mainly?

I think the figure for words processed is running close to 30,000 a month

now, to send to Startext, for 12 columns a month, plus umpteen replies to

letters. Folks who GET my letters would probably swear that the 30,000 mark was

what THEY got. I'm pretty well know for being disgustingly verbose.

Though I buy games all the time, I rarely play them, because I'm so bad at

it. I get them, just to watch the graphics, and clap my hands, like a demented

three year old. When I have the time (rarely) I like to try to program some, in

BASIC, but never learned any other language, unless you count CEEMAC. I have had

three pieces printed in hard copy, and keep trying to break into the market.

3. How long how been a STARTEXT subscriber?

I dunno..... over a year.

4. What do use most on STARTEXT?

My first love is all the contributed columns. I try to read them all.

I read all the major news stories, Brooks, Youngblood, JACKSON, and

COMPCORNER... You want to make something of it?

I send, and receive, lots of mail, and enjoy that feature as much as

anything else.

5. Personal info: occupation, what are your special interests or hobbies, and

what is your STARTEXT Mail Code?

I operate a computer controlled precision paper trimmer, in a printshop,

and have been in the business for 35 years. I graduated from Paschal High School

in 1948. I am a self-taught keyboard player, and have a Hammond organ, and a

Yamaha electric keyboard. I'm a very poor teacher, and have no talent for it,

but enjoy it. THAT is the ONLY exercise in which I believe.

I am a bachelor, live alone, and, until I met so many people on STARTEXT,

had no friends. Now I have MANY friends, and MANY disks of letters to prove it!

I'm a gadget freak, and my favorite pastime is throwing money away on stuff, and

then trying to find someplace to put it.

My mail code is Mc 135


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