Friday, June 19, 2009

Correction - 16 Years!

In my post on "Subscriber Columnists" I mentioned that Carrington Dixon faithfully updated his column every week for 10 years.

Through the magic of the Internet, and an assist from former subscriber Dennis Brand, I did locate Carrington and found out, much to my surprise, that was incorrect. Carrington actually updated his column weekly for over 16 years!

Happily, he has agreed to pen his memories of StarText and share them here. Coming soon!!

As a footnote, Carrington was first honored for his contributions in 1988, when he was named "Columnist of the Quarter," when it was noted:

"Carrington is very deserving of his honor and holds the record for the longest-running subscriber column. His PC TALK column has been updated every Monday for five years. Through the column, he has helped many new computer users learn how to get more from their PCs. Carrington was also honored for starting a new monthly column which reviews classical CDs and for his helpful DOS GUIDE."

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