Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two StarText 'Groupies' Check In

The email arrived with the subject line, "Two of the Original StarText Groupies." It was from Dixie and Ed Crawford.

"We got the original StarText Classic on a machine we had built for us by a friend. When the paper started an ISP offering we joined up and had a ball. Sorry -- no online columns or pictures for us but I remember several of the group outings:

-- The old train trip from Fort Worth.
-- The trip to the science museum.
-- A barbque in Mansfield.
-- The ice cream social.
-- The trip to the now defunct horse racing track.
-- The excursion to the movie soundstages
-- The tour of the Star-Telegram plant.

"Most of this was put together by an energetic man by the name of Gerry (Did I miss anything??).

"Anyway it was nice knowing you --- I wish the old group was still active. Of course I was getting a free ISP out of the deal .

"Dixie ran across Dave Lieber and the talked a little about StarText --- so I started Googling for it."

Ed and Dixie Crawford

Dixie and Ed -- Great to hear from both of you and thanks for "Googling" your way here.

It's worth noting the StarText outings and get-togethers referenced in the email were more than just fun social events. They also provided a way for subscribers, staff and their families to interact in person; to see the faces and the people behind the bylines and email addresses.

I thought one of our marketing taglines captured it pretty well:

"StarText -- It's more than technology. It's personal."

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