Friday, May 29, 2009

Discover StarText!

When StarText launched (May 3, 1982), we looked to our partner, Tandy, to trumpet the news via their dozens of Radio Shack locations throughout Tarrant County.

Pictured above is the flyer, possibly the only one still around, Tandy produced and distributed to promote StarText.

Note the wholesome family unit, happy, practically giddy, to get "The Next Step in News" at a lightning fast 300 baud.

Also worth noting was the colorful screen graphic. Of course in 1982 there was no graphical standard for PCs and graphics were never part of StarText at any point. This graphic was actually painstakingly assembled from ASCII characters by StarText Director Joe Donth.

Despite the flyer, word was slow to circulate. Several customers we sent to Radio Shack to learn more reported back the salesperson would respond, "StarText -- what's that?"

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